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. >> cool, huh? >> for mark goodwin it will be his first super bowl. defense among a handful that was given the opportunity to buy tickets through a lottery. he bought two for $950 each, one for him and one for his brother. >> it's a great opportunity to see my little brother, and i'm just totally stoked about this team. >> go niners! >> but not everyone who bought tickets through the lottery is going to go to the super bowl. this family is planning to sell their tickets to pay for their season tickets next year. >> who are you going to sell them to? >> anyone who wants them for a good price. >> terry white would never consider sell his tickets. he wants those bragging rights to say he's gone to all six 49er super bowls. >> i brag about i've been to all five and everyone looks at me and say you what? now i won't have to say i've just gone five of six. so i'll be -- have been to six. >> the 49ers will be heading out to new orleans later today. they will be leaving their practice facility at noon where they will be taken by bus to san jose. their flight is scheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m.. in
the stairs toward the officers. the officers fired in self defense. >> a lot of things will add up and maybe in time they will add up we'll be able to make sense of this. the family is shocked. >> friends of banta held a candet light vigil after the december shooting. they say it would be shock for their friend who was a hair dresser to have threatened police. they find it hard to believe. the family claim that is banta was arguing with the roommate and the argument was well over when the police areiched. the family is seeking $15 million damages. live in walnut creek. amy holyfield abc news. >> a eight year old girl was shot while standing in a home. a car drove by and someone in the vehicle opened fire. the gunfire riddled the house with bullet holes. she was shot in the leg. no one else was hurt. the gunmen are still on the loose. oakland is completely out of control. >> the 49ers coming off of the practice field to scrimmage with the international med yampt niner fans in the big easy are patrolling the streets hoping for a glimpse of the football stars and a darn good meal, too. katie is
behind the scenes stuff and we will tweet the highlights. >> 49ers defensive back culliver will address the media to talk about the controversial antigay remarks he made to a radio radio shack -- shock job saying there is no rook for discrimination in their organization, and culliver issued a written statement of apology, as well. >> san francisco police are hoping a photo will help them find the man investigators say stabbed a woman after attempting a sexual assault. police say ricky choked the woman and stabbed her when she resisted in january. he weighs 1810 -- weighs 180 pounds and is probably armed. his license plate is on the screen kuman77. >> information on the c.h.p. agreement to patrol oakland streets. they want to be paid to extend the service beyond tomorrow. now c.h.p. says they will continue to work with the city for another 30 days. there is no word whether oakland will have to bay for that extension. officers have made 87 felony arrests in 90 days of patrols in oakland. >> a poll shows people in california are the most optimistic since before the recession and governor b
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3